Care instructions

Please read this information carefully as it has important care, use and warranty

Unpack the mattress within 3 months of the date of manufacture as noted on the label on the box.

Allow at least half a day before use so the mattress can expand after unpacking. Expect that the mattress may take up to 72 hours to fully expand to size after being removed from its compressed packaging. Full size includes an allowance of approximately 2cm of the length, width and depth of the mattress. Any new bed smell should also dissipate within 2 weeks.

Other points to note:

- Place on a suitable base (see further information below).

- The mattress labels and tags contain important information, and removal or damage will void the warranty.

- Rotate your mattress every 2 weeks for the first 4 months, then rotate every 3 months after that. This is usually a 2 person job, particularly for larger mattresses.

- Do not use handles (if fitted) as a lifting or carrying device, they are only for positioning the mattress on the base.

Keep your mattress clean and take care of it:

- Use a mattress protector.

- Treats spills and stains as soon as possible, scrape away loose soiling, use a clean cloth to promptly soak up fluids, do not scrub the surface, do not use cleaning fluids. See care instructions on the care label.

- Air the mattress periodically and vacuum it gently using low suction.

- Do not remove the cover for cleaning unless the label specifically says it is designed to be removed for washing or drycleaning purposes.

- Do not bend, stand on or jump on the mattress and take care when transporting and storing e.g. damage can be caused by compressing, folding, tight tie-downs, storage on edge (layers can sag), heavy items left on/against mattress.

Feel, indentations & body impressions:

Expect your mattress to develop body impressions over time as it moulds to reflect your sleeping position and body.  This can take weeks or months depending on the amount of use and foam type, with softening continuing over time. You can expect normal softening and contouring impressions of up to 25mm but this can be affected by use and weight distribution. Body impressions may slow down or reduce if you follow the rotation and turning instructions.

Base support:

Your base should be in good condition, firm, even and supportive, and not dip or sag under the weight of the sleeper. Use of an inappropriate base will void the warranty. For example, damage can be caused by bases that sag or do not provide overall support, use of a sprung base, slat bases with excessive gaps, flexible slats that have not been maintained, bases made with narrow tubing, insecure legs, or lack of ventilation.