Our collective mission; to find ways to continually improve sleep quality – and sleep accessibility - for all Kiwis. So - we did some research and the sleep game is changing. 

Some of today’s sleepers are showing a real desire for a convenient and quick sleep option, so Sleepyhead and BedsRus, the two most trusted names in the Kiwi bed game, joined forces on a solution together. Why? Kiwis know they will get from us, the kind of value only possible buying through a local factory that makes more beds and mattresses, than anyone else. That means, you get more packed into your new bed, for a better price, than anyone else can offer.  

And while we’re talking about the stuff we’re packing in? Yes – it's global leading, because that’s all we do – explore the globe for the best innovation in sleep. Something our other friends simply cannot do. 

What about the value? Well yep, with thousands of beds going out a year, you bet we can put more tech into the same bed than anyone else, while still boxing it up to the most affordable option in market. 

Confidence – doesn’t get much better than a 10 year warranty, backed by the largest and oldest bed group in the game. 

The planet – you betcha. When creating Joy! (and any new product for that matter) sustainability must be at the forefront. Our beds repurpose plastic bottles. Our packaging is plastic free. Our wheels are circular (in that they can go back to the factory – not just round!). And our boxes are recyclable. 

Lastly, the real kicker? We’re made in NZ. Yep, there’s a few out  there that say they’re Kiwi-owned, or Kiwi-inspired – but that’s just clever speak for – made overseas. When you buy a Joy! you support Kiwi business and Kiwi jobs.
And that’s a fact.