What's inside?

Mattress layers

What's inside?


Eco-friendly Top Layer

The top of the Joy! mattress cover is made from eco-friendly recycled polyester. A queen mattress contains the equivalent of 27 recycled plastic bottles, and our Joys! are rolled into 100% natural cotton wraps. Yay for the planet!


Fusion:Gel® Memory Foam

A new generation of breathable memory foam, made locally. Gel particles are infused evenly throughout our advanced memory foam, providing super support, pressure relief and temperature control so you can keep your cool, in bed.


Fresh Protect®

Safeguards your Joy! mattress from any nasties like bacteria or dust mites that may be the trigger for asthma or allergies. Stay fresh, all night.



Our environmentally friendly foam technology. Made locally in New Zealand, Dreamfoam® is not only super supportive and comfy, it has been recognised with a Green Ribbon award for efforts toward protecting New Zealand’s environment. Go you, you planet warrior.


Duracare Fabric

A hardwearing woven border fabric for breathability, easy care and durability. Trust us, it's good stuff.

  • Joy Mattress - Eco-Friendly Design: Utilizes 27 Plastic Bottles, Saving Them from Landfill

    Sustainable Materials

    We’ve carefully considered all the materials that go into making Joy! mattresses and use a new knit design made from recycled plastic bottles. Joy! also comes in plastic free packaging and the packaging materials can either be recycled or re-purposed to bring Joy! to someone else's day.

  • Joy Instant Comfort - Immediate Relaxation and Comfort

    Instant Comfort

    Fusion:Gel® is a new generation, breathable memory foam developed in NZ that molds to your body when you lie on it and adjusts instantly if you move positions. A bed that actually listens to your needs. 

  • Proudly New Zealand Made - Joy Mattress

    Really Kiwi Made

    We’ve been collectively making Kiwi beds for over 100 years. (We should be tired, ey?). Rest easy knowing your Joy! mattress has been fully designed and manufactured in New Zealand. We’ll be around for many years to come so don't worry; we're not going anywhere!

We packed the best bits in:

What is Fusion:Gel?®

Fusion:Gel® is a new generation, breathable memory foam developed in NZ that molds to your body when you lie on it and adjusts instantly if you move positions.

FusionGel® combines the pressure relieving comfort of our superior memory foam with the energy- absorbing support of advanced gel particles. How scienc-y! It's also proudly New Zealand made and is specially designed to provide the ultimate night’s rest.

How is Fusion:Gel® different?

Fusion:Gel® is different to your conventional memory foam. (Tell me more).

Well, advanced gel particles are infused evenly through our superior memory foam during manufacture. The gel particles move closer together under pressure providing greater support and preventing the foam from bottoming out under heavy loads. Heat dissipation properties of the gel provide superior regulation of body temperatures. How cool!

  • Allergy & asthma friendly

    Joy! is safeguarded with Fresh Protect® to kill any dust mites or nasties and ensure your mattress stays fresh and healthy. Good bye nasties.

  • Good for you & the planet

    We’re recycling now. Joy!’s super soft knit fabric contains the equivalent of 27 recycled plastic bottles, and Joy! is one of the only beds in market that doesn't use plastic packaging... because we’re about solving problems.

  • No pressure

    The pressure relieving FusionGel® memory foam in Joy! will bring a smile to your face. FusionGel is made right here in NZ and helps balance temperature and contours to your body for a more comfy sleep.

  • SpringFree Dreamfoam® support core

    Joy!’s eco-friendly Dreamfoam® core is fully spring-free. It’s been designed to support your back and posture. (Thank us later).

  • FusionGel® balance temperature

    Hot sleeper? We get it. FusionGel® features enhanced airflow and heat dissipation for your ideal sleep temperature. You you can keep your cool.

  • Wriggle-free promise

    Joy! is specially designed to help minimise any movement, so you’ll sleep peacefully, even when you’ve got a wriggler beside you.